The Winery

Impeccable fruit is the starting point for work in the winery, and a prerequisite for crafting fine wines.

We like to say that our wines are made in the vineyard, illustrating the importance of our vineyard sites and the quest for a perfect crop.

Each vineyard block or group of vineyards displaying the same style are fermented separately. We strive to show respect for each vineyard site and micro vineyard by treating them individually, which is painstaking work.

In the winery, there is no set formula – after all, each vintage is unique.

We draw on our sensitivity to try and adapt to the style of the vintage.

There is no cutting-edge technology – the winemaking process aims for simplicity and a very gentle approach.

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La liquière
34480 Cabrerolles

To see us at the winery

The cellar door shop is a restored cellar in the heart of the hamlet of La Liquière.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday
9am to 12pm and from 3pm to 6pm.
Saturdays by appointment.
Closed on Sundays and bank holidays